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Networking among business owners has existed for thousands of years, but social networking has changed the way that we do business today!

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CIBN Serving You

The Canadian Imperial Business Network has a full service staff dedicated to helping their members succeed in business!  We are not looking for volunteers. We are looking for entrepreneurs who are committed to their own success and who are willing to invest into the lives of fellow members through giving great referrals! Our Head Office in Calgary is set up to assist you with meeting rooms and administration support. We have an App to keep track of your referrals and online sites where you can post your events.  We are looking forward to serving you…


The CIBN offers warm leads and referrals to their members PLUS so much more! Our learning events are designed to equip our members to be successful in their own businesses. One tip could save you thousands of dollars this year or increase your bottom line by 100%.  We offer training in sales, marketing, and social media. We have dedicated tax advisers, investment strategists, and business consultants waiting to help you build a bigger and stronger bottom line!

Your Place is with Us

The CIBN is proudly Canadian. Learn from seasoned experts who understand the economy of Calgary because they have lived through the ups and downs. Each Canadian city has a unique heritage with special events such as “The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth” here in Calgary. This one event is bigger than Christmas and drives revenue for many businesses for the entire year. Our experienced business owners will help you navigate the ebbs and flows of the volatile oil & gas market, make positive investments and so much more!

Grow Your Network with Meaningful Connections

Building solid business relationships is key to your survival in business. When the economy takes a dive you need to have great relationships with other business owners so you can stick together in the hard times. Business can be tough. You need people who use your services. You need fans who promote you to others. You need friends who can guide you through dangerous waters.

One person knows hundreds and possibly thousands of other people, but what motivation do they have to share those leads with you? At the CIBN we are one network working together to assist each other in our long term plans.  We can collaborate with each other on major projects. We can gain valuable advice to get to the next level. We can strategize with the wisdom of a larger and more experienced group.

Connections are essential to your success.

CIBN Discover Networking

Want to understand how to network better? At a CIBN Discover Networking Meeting you can get great networking tips and apply them to networking anywhere that you go. You will learn some great tactics that will improve your bottom line and meet some great people from your area. Bring lots of business cards and come early so you can meet other business owners and exchange information.
These are free lunches or breakfast meetings where you can check out the CIBN and meet some of our members. Visit our event page to find out more!

CIBN Opportunities

The Canadian Imperial Business Network puts on over 30 meetings a month every month of the year. There are weekly referral clubs where only one person from each industry can belong so there is never any competition to you in your industry. There are evening networking events, wine & cheese nights, and social events for spontaneous networking where anyone can attend. There are lunch & learns, seminars and workshops. We put on specialized MasterMind Meetings for those who want to strategize and collaborate at a whole new level.

CIBN Boot Camps

The military uses Boot Camps to train their members in discipline and team work. Do business owners need to have more discipline and team work? Professional baseball players are paid millions of dollars a year and yet they are sent to Boot Camp for basic training to go over the basics again every year. If a pro ball player needs the basics reinforced, what are the chances that a soloproneur may need to work on some basic skills?

Boot Camp teaches business owners how to network in a way that will be more profitable to them. Basic sales skills are covered because getting 10 great leads won’t help someone who can’t close the deal. Basic social media skills are taught because that is now a key component to successful networking.

CIBN Entrepreneur of the Month

CIBN’s Commitment to Connecting

The CIBN is committed to connecting our members to other members through our weekly meetings, our monthly networking evenings, our special events and our Head Office functions. We provide our members with the ultimate in connections services! Warm leads are provided in our referral meetings and an app is utilized for ongoing referrals all week long! At the CIBN we no longer wait for our weekly meeting to get a lead or to give a lead. We can do it right on the spot when we are talking directly to the warmed up prospect. Our app allows our members to post their own events, offer specials to each other, look up valuable information on the spot and a whole lot more. We have taken the tradition of face-to-face networking and added modern day elements through our app as well as our social media channels.

CIBN’s Commitment to Communicating

The CIBN uses cutting edge tools to keep members updated with what is happening in the network. High quality, value-added emails are sent out regularly from head office with tips that encourage and educate business owners on how to be more successful in their businesses. Each group has a Facebook page where they communicate with the other members in their individual groups. There are groups on LinkedIn for the CIBN as well as for the Calgary Business Network. The app adds another level of ongoing communication member to member. Business owners that are out on their own without a network are often discouraged by the media reporting the latest slump in the market, but entrepreneurs that are in communication with one another quickly learn how to succeed in any circumstance. Communication is a vital link that keeps our members thriving in this economy!

CIBN’s Commitment to Our Members

We are dedicated to our member’s success. Our team is here to support you!

I have been coming to CIBN events for over four years. When I started coming I was still working a 9-5 job in a warehouse, dreaming about starting a business. The CIBN helped me to learn how to present myself. They encouraged me to grow as a person and it was not too long before I was ready to launch out on my own. Today I own and operate Exposure Video and create videos for business owners. It has been an exciting and prosperous journey and I look forward to many years with The CIBN!
Francois Alphonse, Exposure Video
If you want to get your business growing, then networking is what you need to be doing. I have been networking for years, long before I met The CIBN. I had been part of successful groups and built groups of my own. When I met Kerry George I had a group going that I had built but I wanted to spend my time on my own business, not organizing networking meetings. The CIBN runs a professional network and I was able to bring my group to them and plug them into the system. It was a win/win for everyone. I became an Ambassador Sponsor and it has been very lucrative. We love being part of the Canadian Imperial Business Network.
Mahmud Rhaman, IROL Alberta
When I first heard about the opportunity with The CIBN I was skeptical. I had no time. I didn’t like to talk in front of groups. I liked to be working on vehicles, away from people. I didn’t think they would be able to deliver new clients to me. Kerry assured me that the members would want to come and get work done on their vehicles just because I was a Sponsor but I was unsure. I decided to give it a try and in the first few months there were only a few customers. Then one of the members encouraged me to attend the weekly referral club and I went with him to one meeting. The CIBN had really done a good job of talking about me before I showed up and I got instant leads. I decided to visit the other weekly chapters and soon I was getting business from right across the city. I have new business, revenue, made friends, and now I am even talking to small groups of people. It has been really good. I would recommend this to anyone who owns a business!
John Nielson, Franklin Auto Repair

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