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CIBN Three Levels Of Sponsorship

Have you ever sponsored a one time event? Many business owners have spent thousands of dollars on a one time event. This type of advertising has a limited effect because it takes 7 to 14 touches to create one sale, but what if you could sponsor dozens of events that run throughout the year for the same price? What if someone was working hard for your company to touch local business owners over and over all year long?

At The CIBN our core staff works all year to represent you at the 400+ events that are going on all year. We write articles and advertisements for you and publish them in our online channels as well as our hard copy publications. Our loyal Members also look for warm leads for the Sponsors of our network. This is an excellent way to get a good bang for your bucks!

Call us and ask us about our Satisfaction Guarantee for Sponsors!


Pillar Sponsor

Get advertising online as well as at dozens of events throughout the year!

Perfect For Starting Out

If you don’t have time to attend many events this is an excellent option!

Ambassador Sponsor

Exclusive coverage to the entire network! Customization is available to create exactly the program that you need!

Why have a piece of the pie when you can have the whole pie?

We name a club after your business! Stay top of mind in the entire network!

Guardian Sponsor

An excellent way for a franchise model with multiple locations to be represented across the region!

Be a guardian of the network!

Do you have multiple locations? Guardian Sponsorship means all of your locations can benefit!

The CIBN Sponsor Advantage

Sponsors get year long continual advertising through a variety of mediums. As an additional bonus they also receive entrance to our valuable MasterMind Club where brainstorming and collaboration goes on at least twice a month. These sessions are free for Sponsors to participate in and they may bring staff members, business partners, and collaborators at no additional expense!

Why Choose Us

There is nothing like the Sponsorship Package from The CIBN. You get
ongoing coverage over and over throughout the year at dozens of events,
online promotion for your company, special entry into MasterMinds,
personal introductions, word of mouth advertising on steroids and more!

What Sponsors Say

“What can i say about our success working with, and sponsoring, The CIBN? GetAssist has made hundreds of great local connections with business owners and entrepreneurs alike. With the amazing success that we have seen through this relationship we will continue our sponsorship, and membership, for as long as this ship is sailing.“
Tyler Fikowski, Get Assist
“One of the things that I appreciate about working with The CIBN is the amount of personal support and contact that they give me. I have spent thousands of dollars with other forms of advertising and then they wouldn’t even return my phone calls. At The CIBN they are checking with me a couple of times each month to make sure that I am getting what I paid for. I show up at events and find that they are promoting me in ways I did not even realize that they would do!”