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“The CIBN has provided me with many useful relationships and tools to take my business to the next level. I have had personal consultation and great advice that has helped me a lot.”
“Kerry has always done a good job of promoting Laser Therapy Solutions. We have had a lot of the members in from CIBN to see us personally and many of them refer their friends. Being part of the CIBN has been good for us and it was great to have a club named after my company as an Ambassador Sponsor.”
“I participated at the club level and received over 30 new leads per quarter. It was very good for my business and good for me too. I used to have a hard time talking in front of people and the CIBN helped me to overcome that and represent my business better. As a Sponsor I had a lot of support from the CIBN. There was always something new and exciting going on, and Kerry George wears my nail designs personally!”
Chrysta Lewis, Scarlet Edge Beauty
“The CIBN has been great for my business. The team is always willing to help me out as a business owner. I have had some personal coaching to get things moving and as a Sponsor I get to attend all of the MasterMind events. The CIBN has been so awesome for me and my company; I always look forward to all the times we work together and the training meetings and networking lunches. Kerry and Zechariah have taken a personal interest in my success.”
Warren Setterlund, Clean R Services
What Else? Over 600 members! More than 50 MasterMind Members and 20+ Sponsors in less than a year! Join us so we can promote your business too!
The CIBN has thousands of followers online, and hundreds of thousands of interactions every month! We put on over 30 meetings a month and have thousands of visitors to our Clubs, our lunch & learns, our seminars, our summits and tradeshows every year. But that’s not all, we now offer an Online Membership Club to business owners and professionals across Alberta and British Columbia with other provinces soon to follow! Our head office is in Calgary Alberta and we are rapidly expanding across the nation!
  • Great face-to-face networking and referral clubs in Calgary!
  • We have a dedicated support team and a head office so we do not need volunteer labor.
  • MasterMinds, brainstorming, strategy sessions and collaboration to help you get to the next level.
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  • Online Networking Club for those who cannot attend in person.