Locations and Times for Your Convenience

The CIBN is Southern Alberta’s largest networking organization and we offer meeting choices that fit with your schedule and location.

We have more than 10 clubs around the city of Calgary and their information is not listed on this page. Our clubs are not intended for visitors to just pop in. A better way to find out more about the CIBN is to attend a Discover Networking meeting provided by our Sponsors. You will find these free events on our event page on this website.

Our Referral Clubs are Private Members Clubs that you can be invited to via invitation by an existing member, once you have attended a Discover Networking meeting. There is only one person per industry in each club and one must be a paid CIBN Member to receive a warm referral at these networking meetings. Our Members are very committed to one another and place a sense of importance on their networking activities. They invest of their time to attend as well as their finances to support the larger vision of the CIBN and the local business community.

We have many Clubs throughout all Calgary. To speak to a representative about a possible opening for your industry and location choice call Janis at head office at 403-478-1716 or call Zechariah James at 403-370-4472.

It is near impossible to guess what your experience will be by visiting one club. There are too many variables. The person that you need to meet may be away that week or a new person may join a week after you who would be important to your business. The person you really need to meet is likely never in the room at all. It is more likely that someone in the room knows that person and they will only introduce you once they know, like and trust you through ongoing attendance and participation in the group. The best way to get started with the CIBN is to just get started. Fill out an application for Membership and have a discussion about the best location that has an opening for you, then email your completed form to admin@cibnconnect.com. All new Members attend Networking Boot Camp before attending the club regularly so they have the best networking experience possible. You will want to get booked in to the first available Boot Camp immediately.

A Networking Boot Camp valued at $800 and a full day of Social Media Boot Camp valued at $700 are yours with membership.

Expansion projects are currently being planned for other cities in Canada.

Tuesday Evening Club

Tuesday Evening Club

Do you know a professional who needs to network but they have no time during the day? Our Tuesday evening club is an ideal place for them to get together with our dedicated Members and receive warm leads from one another. While 6000 businesses went out of business in Calgary in the last 18 months not even one participating CIBN member went out of business. This is great news. Networking works! This club has openings for a florist, a chiropractor, an electrician, a plumber, a siding company and other trades. Join us for dinner, and have a beer if you like too!

Tuesday Evenings 6:45 to 8:00

Nolan Hill State And Main

Call Kerry for an invitation 403-397-1909

The Laser Focus Group

The Laser Focus Group

Would you like to have a networking group named after your business? This group is currently available for renaming. Our next Ambassador Sponsor will have the benefit of having this group knowing them personally and marketing their offering to their circles of influence. It is a brilliant strategy that is working city wide in our network. This group has three of our best recruiters for the organization. 2 our our members in this group have earned a reduction in their own membership fees by bringing guests and filling positions throughout the network! We reward our members who contribute to this process! If you want to be with the movers and the shakers then this group is for you. There is limited space but they are looking for a cleaner, a florist, a photographer, a home and auto insurance provider, and we have a very rare spot for a website designer.

Time: 11:45 to 1:00 PM

Date: Tuesday Lunch

Phone: 403-616-1121 for an interview

The Calgary Winter Club

The Instant Imprint Club

The Instant Imprints Club

Instant Imprints is one of our valued Ambassador Sponsors of the network that we have named one of our most effective clubs after. This group of business owners give some of the best referrals in our network. They are dedicated professionals intent on assisting one another to be more successful.  Many of the industry positions are already full. We allow only one person per category in a referral club so there is never any competion to our Members and they assist each other very well. Currently there is a rare opening for a business coach in this group. There is also an opening for a lawyer, a florist, a printer, a baker, and a general contractor.

Time: 11:45 to 1:00 PM

Date: Wednesday Lunch

Phone: Velda at 403-681-2023 for an invitation

China Rose

The Upper Deck Club

The Upper Deck Club Meeting At Brewsters

At The CIBN we name our clubs after our Ambassador Sponsors to keep them top of mind among our Members. Raj the owner of the Upper Deck attends this group along with many other professionals at Brewsters because they have a quiet meeting room necessary for our presentations. This is a dynamic group of people who are loyal to one another and continually building relationships and growing their businesses. There is only one person per industry and there are a few openings there. They are currently looking for a graphic designer, a chiropractor, a photographer, a plumber and an archetect. This is one of the finest groups in the city!

Time: 11:45 to 1:00 PM

Date: Monday’s At Lunchtime (Accept long weekends)

Call  403-681-2023 Velda Paynter for an invitation

834 11 Ave SW,

Calgary, AB T2R 0E5
(403) 245-3854

Previews Business Solutions Club

Previews Business Solutions Club

This vibrant group is named after our Ambassador Sponsor Previews Business Solutions. This group is almost at capacity with very few openings left. There is one person per industry so there is never any competition to you. They meet by invitation only every week for lunch at 11:45 to 1:00 at the Boomtown Pub in their private room. This is an extention of the Delta. The only current openings for this group are Lawyer, HR, Chiropractor, Home Builder and DJ service.

Time: 11:45 to 1:00 PM

Date: Thursday lunch

Phone: 403-478-1716 Janis Moffat

135 Southland Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 5X5
(403) 225-8636