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The Ten Commandments Of The CIBN

#1 Give warm referrals for they are the life blood of ongoing cash flow for businesses small to large.

#2 Build relationships because this kind of networking is paramount for success in every market.

#3 Understand the culture of your city for this is a powerful component to your growth and expectations.

#4 Practice loyalty to our Members, to our Sponsors, and to the CIBN family as this makes us truly unique.

#5 Gain knowledge for this is key for missing out on costly mistakes and for gaining ground quickly.

#6 Enjoy accountability because it is a blessing that keeps business owners working together and gives everyone more empowerment.

#7 Learn social media because it is a powerful new tool that expands the number of connections, the circle of influence and bottom line revenue as it is applied.

#8 Write recommendations and Google reviews often because they last forever and are therefore very valuable.

#9 Provide excellent quality of services so that others will always speak well of us and feel strengthened to refer us wholeheartedly.

#10 Be a Happy Capitalist knowing that this means that we give as much as we receive and look for opportunities to add value.

Referral Club Retention Rate 78%
MasterMind Group Retention Rate 85%
Growth and Expansion 2017 80%
New Alberta Groups 85%
New Ontario Groups 95%
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The bottom line for you is the bottom line. Welcome to the CIBN!
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