Getting Started With LinkedIn Basics

Getting Started with LinkedIn can be intimidating if you have not already been using this social media platform, but don’t worry it is actually pretty easy. The hardest thing for a business owner is just getting the time to sit down and get at it. Try to give yourself an hour to get through the process and get it set up right and then it will be easy to maintain in a few minutes a day.

LinkedIn can be very profitable for making appointments, building pre-client relationships, staying in contact with your customers and learning more about your own industry. Overall you could increase your bottom line substantially just by being on there and having a good profile where people can find you. So it is definitely worth while especially for B2B who do not fare so well with Facebook and other platforms.

Here are some good tips for getting started, and stay tuned because Networking Boot Camp will give you some more intermediate steps to really pimp out your profile and up your game.

  1. Social media is social and technology together. One needs to consider that there is more than just straight technology at work here. People spend hours a day on social media because of the way it makes them feel. It is a social tool. So even though LinkedIn is more for business than Facebook is, don’t be completely non-social on LinkedIn. Be professional and social at the same time. How do you behave at work? How do you behave if you are the speaker for an event? This is a good guideline for how to behave on LinkedIn.
  2. Fill out your whole profile. We will give you more details on this at some of our events, but start by just filling in everything that you can.
  3. Use your photo, and make sure it is you and not your logo because LinkedIn may remove your photo if it is not a picture of you! Take a nice photo of your face so people can see it. That is a good way to start, but what you really need is 3 to 7 professional shots taken by real photographer. At Networking Boot Camp we will teach you more about how to get these photos working to bring you business and make you recognizable online. LinkedIn will work well as a social networking tool combined with your live networking if people can recognize you in public. Brand your face to your company as the owner. If you are a sales person brand your face to your company so you can sell more. If you are admin, brand your face to your company so people know who they are talking to when they call the 1-800 number. If you are looking for a job, brand your face to your profile so people can see who you are. If you are meeting a new client for coffee and they want to know what you look like so they can find you in the coffee shop a photo on LinkedIn would be really helpful. Your business is about you. So accept that and stop running from your face. It is the one that God gave you and it is just fine. Other people like and they want to see it. Use it.
  4. Connections are critical on all social media channels and LinkedIn is no different. There is no point shouting your message into an empty room. At The CIBN Social Media Boot Camp we go into great detail giving you the strategies to get real people, in your local target market to follow you and connect with you on LinkedIn as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Connections are important if you want your content to be seen. You can’t get anything selling on social media without connections, but if you build connections correctly and organically you may not even need to buy ads. Connections count. For now go to the following groups on LinkedIn and join them and start meeting other people in these groups by commenting on their posts and reaching out to them.