How To Instantly Imprint Your Business

Did you know that it takes 7-14 touches to get a sale? So how can you touch a prospect 7-14 times quickly so that they warm up to you quickly? How can you instantly imprint your business on the mind of a future client?

There are a variety of ways that you can reach out to a prospect but what about print and promo products? What if you could get your brand into their hands several times? Do you think that would make a difference? Of course it would!

Here are 10 ways print and promo can carry your business beyond your business:

  1. Instant ImprintsYour business card. People are still using business cards. They still take them with them. They still feel them in their pocket. Create something colorful with texture and hand them out wherever you go.
  2. Pamphlets are necessary to hand out to prospects and they are also great to leave behind with a client for future upsells. Every business needs a good hand out of some kind. What is the message you want them to take with them?
  3. Pens are the most commonly owned promotional items. Branded pens get carried around and left behind which is good for your brand. The average person keeps a pen for 6 months and uses it 2 – 4 times a day.
  4. Wear your brand. Your clothes go wherever you go. It makes sense to be wearing a shirt, a jacket, a ball cap or a uniform. Select a few high quality items and brand your entire staff. Create beautiful branded jackets that clients will enjoy showing off. T-shirts are a great way to turn your customers into walking billboards. They will take your brand places that you will never travel.
  5. Drive your brand. Putting a wrap on your vehicle or even a magnet can make your brand more visible as people are driving by. Park your car in a high traffic area for more exposure and enjoy the tax write offs on your vehicle while you are at it!
  6. Coffee cups. Two thirds of adult Canadians enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day with the average at 3.2 cups/day and the rest usually drink tea. So why not hand out a beautiful coffee cup with your brand on it? Use it for special recognition for regular customers or create a basket at your till where people can win coffee and tea with your branded mugs.
  7. Bags. Everyone uses a functional bag with a smart graphic on it. College students are always looking for something free to carry things around in. You could turn them into your sales force by distributing your branded bags to the local college.
  8. USB Drives. Does anyone ask you questions about your business? Put the information on a branded thumb drive and attach it to a key chain. You have just created an amazing marketing tool that they will never be without because USB drives are useful for them too!
  9. Notebooks. People are always looking for a way to keep their thoughts organized. Create a beautiful notebook, journal, or even a to-do list that stays on the fridge to keep you top of mind all the time.
  10. Sporting Goods. People remember you in a positive way when it is doing the things that they love to do. Branded golf balls, sunglasses, stadium cushions, blankets and umbrellas bring your brand into the fun of their life!

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