Sometimes new members worry that they will be unable to provide enough warm leads to the other members of their group. It has even hindered some from joining a profitable referral group because they believe they will not add value.

Everyone however, has some great leads. You would have to have lived your whole life in a box to not know someone. It does not matter if you are new in town, or if you are new in business. You have relatives who eat, drink, bathe, sleep, live in homes, get married, and die. You were not hatched. You have extended relatives of cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. You buy things yourself, or you would not be alive. You were not the only one in those stores. Someone else was there. You are buying your car insurance somewhere so you know an agent you could introduce to the network. You have customers, or you would be out of business. So you know them. You have friends of some kind. You possibly attend church or some kind of spiritual group, or at least know others who do. If you are on Facebook or LinkedIn you have connections there, and they are more approachable than you think. Everyone knows at least 200 people. That is how many show up at the typical funeral and now because of social media they are often at our finger tips.

Good leads and referrals are everywhere. One just has to open the front door or or listen in the line up at Starbucks to what people are saying. When you hear someone who has a pain point, introduce yourself and offer an answer. It is very easy.

Here are a few tips to help you become the most popular person at the networking club. Follow these few techniques and you will never run out of really great leads for all of the people in your club. Remember that those who give more, get more out of their networking experiences.

1. Be A Listener
In your day-to-day life people from all different backgrounds are around you talking about the things that are important to them. Learn to be a listener for key phrases that are the hints that they may have a need in their life. For example young couples may be looking to purchase their first home, while older couples may be looking to downsize. Anyone talking about buying a home will need a mortgage and a realtor. Anyone who just had a baby, or who has children in school is in need of financial planning. Anyone starting a business needs an accountant or a bookkeeper. If you know someone complaining that they need to lose weight they need the health products provided by a fellow CIBN member. Learn to be a good listener and you will be a provider of good quality leads.

2. Be A Connector
Did you ever read the story “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg? The hero of the story is the one who connects the others to their ultimate partners and best clients. He is the guy who seems to not be working very hard, yet he writes a lot of business and enjoys a very successful lifestyle. The Connector is the person that everyone knows and he is the one that everyone wants to know. Why? He is not afraid to make the connections.

Pay attention to what people need and when they express that need tell them, “I know someone who would be perfect to fill that need for you. This person is really good at what they do. You will be happy to be in the hands of a professional. I will let them know to call you. You should expect a call from __________________________ this week.”

3. Hand Out Business Cards
Get a business card holder and carry it with you. Keep a few extra cards from every member in your club. When you are having that discussion as a connector pull out the cards and find the one you need. Write your name on it so the prospect will know who referred them to the professional in your chapter. Also get the contact information of the person you are talking to so you can pass it on at your next weekly meeting.

4. Send Connecting Emails
You were in the CIBN meeting and thought of a great lead for your fellow member. You gave out that lead so now, don’t drop the ball. Quick get our your phone and text or use email or social media to send a message to that referral. Say something like, “ I was thinking about you today and it occurred to me that a person in your position (or circumstance) may need the help of a professional _____________________. I was just having lunch with my friend ________________________ who has done a fantastic job for some of my other friends/clients and I believe that the two of you need to meet. I gave him your number because I think it is really important that you talk to him/her.” If you do this by email CC both parties and introduce them via email. You can also address the person who is getting the referral and say something like “I know that you are super busy right now, but can you do me a personal favor and make time for my friend?” That puts some urgency on the exchange and makes them sound important and booked up.

5. Use LinkedIn
LinkedIn is becoming a powerful source of connection for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and professionals of all kinds. We highly recommend that you develop your LinkedIn profile and also use the Connections options both to grow your own connections and to connect your connections with others.