Getting Things Done – Goal Setting

We have all created goals before, but many people do not achieve the goals that they set out to accomplish. One of the reasons why this happens is that they fail to revisit those goals in a continual way. Right now it is the end of the first quarter of 2017. Isn’t it time to revisit the goals that you made at the beginning of the year? Shouldn’t you dust off the notebook you wrote your New Years Resolutions into and see what you said?

Goal setting includes writing them down or they are not “set,” they are instead floating around in your head or somewhere in the air. “Set” them.

There is no failure among goal “setters.” That is because even when they do not make the goal on time, they are further ahead than where they started.

Here are 10 great tips to get your goal setting processes working for you!

  1. Focus. While you may have many goals that you are working on, try to focus on only one major goal each quarter. That will help you to focus and to accomplish more. Realize that if you are trying to lose 50 pounds, take over your city market, and end world hunger that you will not achieve these goals in the same quarter of the year. Pick one main goal and focus your smaller goals around it for the best success.
  2. Goal settingWrite your goals down. You are 9 times more likely to accomplish them if you write them down. Keep a journal and write in it frequently. Each year start a new joural and theme it for the year. Write in the opening pages “This year I want to become a better _____________.” Depending on what season of life that you are in so many things could go in that theme. Over the years I have had words like “Mother” as well as “Entrepreneur” or “Salesperson.” The year I wrote “Bookkeeper” was the year that I had the revelation that I was not going to be that person and stay the happy individual that I was, so I hired a bookkeeper. May you also have many great revelations on your journey to success.
  3. Revisit your goals regularly. Put up sticky notes where you can see them. Change the background on your computer. Use the keywords of your goals as passwords and don’t save them in your computer so you must write out that goal as a password every time you log into your most used work sites online.
  4. Keep your goals in front of you. Write out a few important goals and stick it to the wall by your desk where you sit every day. Write it on the mirror in your bathroom and train your spouse to clean the mirror every few days so you have to rewrite it. Tape it to the stirring wheel of your car. Record yourself speaking about it and play the recording in your car as you drive. Repeated goals become accomplished goals.
  5. Set a date with yourself every month to revisit your goals. Put it into your calendar and make it a priority appointment where you do not take calls or answer emails.
  6. Share your goals with a positive person who will both encourage you and hold you accountable to the process. Do not share your goals with negative people.
  7. Time-blocking. Book a time to make your goals. Keep it like it is a priority appointment. Use time-blocking to finish steps in your goal making process. For instance if your goal is to increase marketing by blogging then book a time in your calendar to write 3 blogs. Mark it down that you will be writing articles from 2:00 to 4:00 on the 15th of the month. During that time, shut your phone off and stay out of your email box. It is a priority appointment.
  8. Time blockingUse a list. Lists work best on days where you are not running around town. If your list includes errands then put the list on your smartphone where you won’t forget what you are to do next. Even better, hire a courier to do the errands and stay focused on getting work done in your office where you can stick to your list. Keep your list short. 5 -10 items at a time. Prioritize the first three that are the highest priority. Pick a short job and then a longer job. Then do a short job again. More gets done this way.
  9. Time-block. Larger projects that will take a couple hours or more should be time-blocked into your calendar for another day. Make an appointment with yourself to accomplish this goal. Shut off the phone while you work on it and stay off the internet. That is how you get larger projects done.
  10. Reward yourself. Put up a picture of what you will reward yourself with when you real that milestone. Will it be a dinner out? A new car? A night at the movies? What drives you? Make that part of your goal setting strategy. How many sales will it take for you to be able to take that vacation that you want? How many months of hitting your goals will allow you to build the addition to your home that you have always wanted? Make a game out of goal accomplishments that you play with yourself. Create small rewards for small steps along the way and larger rewards for the larger successes.




#KerryGeorgeKerry George is the CEO of the Canadian Imperial Business Network and a leader in the Calgary business community. Every month she oversees the MasterMind Group which helps businesses grow their bottom lines and improve their overall operations. This article comes as a result of an ongoing goal setting training and productivity course offered to the MasterMind arm of the CIBN. She has another featured article on goal setting here, which were part of the comprehensive training from the MasterMind series.