Michelle Nedelec – Getting Your Time In Order

Your time, energy, skills and money are your greatest resources that you have for building your business.  Money can be lost but then earned back with great abundance.  Skills can be negated, but then utilized with such focus that the oversight becomes overlooked.  Your energy can be depleted but then restored until it’s overflowing.  Time on the other hand, once lost can not be recuperated, regained nor relived.  So how do you maximize the time that you do have in order to get where you want to go on time? Attend Michelle’s session and walk away with a strategy, a system and a state of mind that will get you there.

Michelle Nedelec – Awareness Strategies

International bestselling author, Michelle Nedelec is an expert in Entrepreneurship and the founder of Awareness Strategies.  She has been helping Managers and Executives to continually double their profits and revenues for over 15 years. And, she’s run her own series of companies for over 22 years. On a business level she not only has what it takes to build million dollar businesses, more importantly she has what it takes to help her clients, build a million dollar businesses.  Through coaching, training and her process of Success Therapy she brings a unique blend of business, mindset, and lifestyle acumen to the table.  Michelle particularly loves to talk about Automation, Integration and support both on and off of the stage.

A business plan is only as good as a leader’s ability to follow through and achieve that plan.  There are three elements to a successful business; Strategy, Support and State of Mind.  Without all three of these elements in balance the structure will fall and the business will fail.  Michelle Nedelec teaches the key components and more importantly works with you so you know how to continually elevate all three components to build a healthy thriving business.

Keith Uthe – Your Vision And Purpose

Setting goals are great and necessary to achieve success in business, however to have success in life for yourself and others you need a vision and purpose.  Many people think these they are the same thing and they are far from the same.  I will discuss what my vision and purpose means to me and how it impacts others, my success and why you need one too.

Keith Uthe – Enrich Mortgages

Keith Uthe is a Licensed Mortgage Agent (broker) with Enrich Mortgages, Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor, and Real Estate Investor. His vision and purpose is that ‘Everyone Shall Live a Life of Abundance’. In order to fulfill his vision he looks for simple ways that he can significantly impact many people’s lives every day whether it is working with mortgage clients, coaching real estate investors or working with one of his joint venture partners.

As a Mortgage Agent since 2016 Keith is part of one of the top two volume Mortgage Alliance brokerages in Canada – Enrich Mortgage Group in Calgary which is licensed to do financing from B.C. to Quebec. As a real estate investor Keith and his wife Nancy began investing in 2003 and own 17 doors along with being Calgary legal secondary suite specialists. He received a Certified Real Estate Investment Advisor certificate in 2016 and enjoys being able to work with others to hep them break through their barriers and harness the abilities within themselves. Keith has won several awards as both a Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Investor.

Keith also has been a basketball official for 30 years for both able body and wheelchair basketball and in 2017 he officiated at the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.

Evelyn Gwynn – Prospecting And Pricing
By The Numbers

Evelyn will work with you through three to four worksheets. The goal is to work backwards from what your target monthly income goals are, to how many prospecting calls that will take to accomplish. Finally, she will explain the concept of target pricing.

At the end of this time, you should have a reasonable understanding of how pricing, prospecting and monthly income targets work together to determine the amount of effort needed to accomplish those goals.

Evelyn Gwynn – Samech Consulting

Evelyn Gwynn is a successful speaker, freelance writer, and adult educator.

At Samech Consulting Evelyn works with small to medium sized businesses, to build business growth through information marketing and sales strategies.

Her current clients include the Canadian Imperial Business Network, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Canadian Payroll Association.

Evelyn lives with her husband, David, in Calgary, Alberta.

Donna Dahl – Empowering
The Leader Within You

The 7 Essentials To Being A Standout Entrepreneur

Donna Dahl – Dream. Dare. Do.

Donna Dahl, Author, Speaker and Award-winning Empowerment Coach has written four books in support of entrepreneurs and self-empowerment. Donna’s DREAM DARE DO approach to coaching each client individually based on key factors is a formula for success.

Presentation Description: In her Book, “Lessons I Learned from the Tortoise,” she identifies lessons that impact how we conduct ourselves in the “race.” In today’s presentation, Donna brings to life the seven essentials entrepreneurs need to stand out and be a leader amidst all the competitors and distractions out there.

Mahmud Rahman and Randy Wiens – Leaders
Choose The Destiny Of Their Company

Should you lease the property you are in? Or should you buy it? When is the right time to buy and what should you be looking at? Mahmud and Randy will be showing Brick and Mortar Businesses the steps to securing real estate for their businesses.

Mahmud Rahman – CEO of IROL Alberta

With a background in management and technology, MahmudRahman leads IROL Alberta by implementing company processes,ensuring efficient work flow and developing growth strategies.

After owning and managing companies in the automotive, tech and real estate industries Mahmud joined RE/MAX Real Estate Central) as a Business Development Manager to train and grow the company. Four years after his role as BDM with RE/MAX, Mahmud ventured off and started a team to provide full service commercial real estate solutions in the four sectors Industrial, Retail, Office and Land. IROL Alberta was created to service business owners, investors and developers with a turn-key solution. In all types of projects. Mahmud’s strengths are maintaining client and partner relations, lead generation, marketing and developing strategies to execute projects.

Randy Wiens, VP and PM Development – IROL Alberta

Randy is a detailed-oriented professional who has been consistently praised as quality-oriented by co-workers and peers. Supporting goals by personal accountability and exceeding expectations are his foundational values. With over 24 years’ experience in the retail and real estate business Randy has acquired a passion for new developments. He works to improve IROL Alberta’s market position and achieve financial growth by developing strategic market plans through performing economic analysis for all investments, monitoring activities of competitor expansion patterns, demographic characteristics and property values. Randy’s role with IROL Alberta is to oversee all development projects, ensure our client goals are met and manage leasing.

John Fleck – Leading In Customer Service

Customer service is a mindset that is critical in today’s highly competitive business market.  How do you develop an approach that will delight your customers?  John Fleck has a passion to see businesses succeed through great customer service and will speak about key attitudes to achieve this success.  

John Fleck – Epiphanie Chocolates

John Fleck together with his wife Debra own, Epiphanie Chocolate, an innovative chocolate business in Calgary’s belt line.  High quality premium chocolates are made right in the store.  Part of their offerings are custom chocolates displaying pictures or logos.

John began his working life in the telecommunications industry holding a wide variety of positions over his 28 year career.  For a time he was involved in developing new products and services across North America.  Believing in life long learning John has achieved university certificates in Marketing Management, Workplace Communications, and a Masters Certificate in Project Management.  He has served for 19 years as a Director in various organizations.

John and his wife Debra have 4 grown children.  Besides delighting in family life John loves keeping fit in the great outdoors through running, hiking, and backpacking.  He enjoys travel and photography.

Tania Spears – Being
A Superhero In Your Business

Do you feel like you need to be a Superhero to get everything accomplished in your life? Tania can relate. You are going to love hearing how she grew a family and a business while she continued to live a full life following her passions.

Tania Spears- Owner of Spears Bookkeeping

Tania Spears is a Mother of three adult children- Julianne 21 Timothy 20, Mark 18 and a huge  fan of Superhero movies, Wonder woman and Dr Strange.

Spears Bookkeeping started in a church office in Fort St. John BC. During 1996 – 1999 when Michael and Tania Spears served as Pastors and church administrators. Tania successfully completed all of the church administration and bookkeeping with pleasure. In the years after that Tania was gained experience with a large Human Resources department and a Government Social services administration office.   The highlight of Tania’s experience has been to fulfill the tasks of a private school Business Administrator for three years.

In January 2010 SBFC was born. Tania has helped many business owners take their business from step one of registration and planning to an active business requiring monthly bookkeeping and annual reporting to Revenue Canada.

SBFC has grown into a team of  professional bookkeepers who serve as Account mangers and today Tania has a vision to serve more people, so that as the company grows she is able to give more benefit to her clients and give more money to the charities and causes that she believes in.

Kerry George

Kerry George – Your Awesomeness

Dig deep down inside of yourself and “Find Your Awesomeness!” You will be uplifted and encouraged as you discover how you were born for greatness, and fated for success. Imperfect people become powerful leaders every day, and you are a destiny that is waiting to be fulfilled!

Kerry George – CEO of The Canadian Imperial Business Network

Kerry George is an author/speaker and trainer who has been featured in the Financial Post as the networking guru of Western Canada. She is a marketing strategist and one of the founding partners of The Canadian Imperial Business Network which puts on over 400 events a year and has a social media following of over 80,000 people in the Calgary region alone. Kerry‘s passion is to help business owners not just survive, but to thrive in their local economies.

Rael Kalley – Leading The Way

What are the habits that relate to leadership? Rael Kalley will show us how working on our habits will create the blueprint that we need for success in every realm of our lives. What is holding you back? How can you release the real you that you have always known was inside of yourself?

Rael Kalley – Strategic Pathways

Rael Kalley has been an educator, speaker, trainer and business coach for over 25 years.

He is the President of Strategic Pathways Inc. and the developer of the OnCourse coaching program, a three-tier self-growth program that has elevated the standard of performance coaching.

His “Stop Playing the Weighting Game” weight-loss workshops and “Obsession – 100 Day Boot Camp To Optimal Performance” cohorts are regularly delivered to sold-out audiences.

He has also developed eight additional strategic business applications that are in use across North America including his proprietary culture-change methodology which is now in use in several Canadian companies.

His passion for helping others achieve results that they believe to be beyond their grasp is what gets him out of bed in the morning. This desire to connect with people in a meaningful, authentic way and ultimately help them change their lives is the driving force behind his bestselling book, Life Sinks or Soars – The Choice is Yours.

Many self-development books tell you what to do; they just don’t really explain how to do it. Life Sinks or Soars – The Choice is Yours not only gives you the what, it will provide the why, when and how. His second book ‘Everything You Believe To Be True Is True …Until It Isn’t” will be published this Fall.

An in-demand speaker, Rael has been sharing his message with audiences across North America since the book was first published in 2010.