The CIBN puts on a wide variety of events. There are weekly referral clubs that go on throughout the city of Calgary. One must be a paid member to attend these clubs. To find out more about how to become a member, call 403-478-1716 or email

There are training events and lunch and learns that are open to anyone. Members get to come for reduced rates.

There are MasterMind events that are only open to MasterMind Members.

There are also events offered by our members. We post their events to our website. This is one of many privileges that our members get to enjoy.

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If you are a paid member of the CIBN send your event information to Janis at and it will be posted on the website here for all to see.
Want to know when the next evening mixer is happening? Want to find a referral club to attend? Are you looking for a mastermind group?

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The Great Canadian Online Club (Prelaunch)

The Great Canadian Online Club is now in prelaunch weekly meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 Mountain Standard Time. Join in the online networking webinar and learn how to network online and in person. Each week we will be introducing visitors and members from across Canada and exploring how we can assist each other to dominate our markets and grow our businesses. Have your links for your websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other social media platforms ready to share.

You can attend by registering on this page for the individual event, or by going to CIBNTV and subscribing. You will receive 2 weeks free of the training videos, business boot camps, and a whole arsenal of life changing, revenue producing tools, as well as the link to attend the weekly online meetings at the Great Canadian Business Network. After 2 weeks it is only $59/month to continue to participate. All CIBN Membership fees are a 100% tax write off.


There is no MasterMind out there like the CIBN MasterMind. There is nothing to compare! Every MasterMind Event is very different from the last one. Each time we meet we learn valuable insights from our various speakers, authors, coaches and gurus and then we break out into a brainstorm session to apply the content to each of the business owners personal businesses. The strategies that come forth create powerful new revenue streams and solutions to situations that would have costs thousands of dollars if left unchecked. Attending on a regular basis allows our MasterMind Members to be stretched so they grow to new heights. We encourage collaboration and participation at these events and everyone goes home changed. To attend a MasterMind one needs to be a paid MasterMind Member or pay $150 at the door. To find out if you qualify to be a MM Member or to get your questions answered about this phenomenal program fill out the form below.

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Sponsor Events

The CIBN offers many perks for Sponsors including assistance with their events. How would you like to be sure people are actually going to show up for your Grand Opening or your Customer Appreciation events? Do you know that when these events are done correctly they create thousands of dollars of additional revenue each month. We have studies that show retail stores growing by 25% over 3 months by an event that is properly planned and executed!

The CIBN puts on over 400 events a year. We have a little experience to help you out. Sponsorship is not just about getting some advertising, it is so much more!

The CIBN also posts our Sponsor’s events to our 80,000 online followers which is really helpful if you are trying to get a crowd.

Member Events

Being part of the CIBN has so many advantages. Our event page gets thousands of hits each month. Our Members are able to post their events on this page so they can have more traffic at their events. At the CIBN we put on dozens of events each month and we share our knowledge with our Members for their success!

Members if you want to post your event on this page simply email Janis at and share with her your pdf. or your event information. Having a website link is also helpful.