The CIBN has been very good for my business and I would recommend membership here to anyone who is looking for new business. I was new to the mortgage industry when I got started with the CIBN and it has allowed me to network with many individuals that I would not have otherwise met and it has significantly grown my bottom line. I am looking forward to meeting you!
Keith Uthe
When I got started with the CIBN I was uncomfortable talking to a group of people. I didn’t see myself as someone who would be doing presentations. The CIBN made that easy. I learned how to represent myself at the boot camps that they put on and today I get just about all of my video business from the CIBN. It has been profitable for me and I see that it is also profitable for others who participate in the weekly referral clubs regularly. I love to write Google reviews for our members and do business with them. I look forward to doing business with you!
Francois Alphonse, Exposure Video
I have been with the CIBN since it got started and it has been very good for my bookkeeping business. I was making about $30,000 a year and now I am on target for $180,000 five years later. I have a growing team of bookkeepers and accountants working with me today, and I have many friends, collaborating partners, and clients directly from the CIBN. I also have learned a lot about growing my business through the boot camps as well as working with some of the best business coaches in the city. It has been a great experience for me and I would recommend that you join right away and not put it off.
Tania Spears, Spears Bookkeeping

Calgary Business Networking Referral Clubs

The CIBN has 10 weekly referral clubs where there is one person from each industry participating each week. There is never any competition to you in our groups. For example, we do not subdivide categories like Accountants/Bookkeepers unless it is requested by our Member who was there in the club first as a Bookkeeper to do so. The practice of subdividing categories robs our business owners of business, therefore the first person placed in that category has veto power to overrule the entrance of a competing industry.

Pricing for membership is very similar to other referral networks however our Members get additional privileges not found anywhere else in the referral networking world:

  • Free $700 Social Media Boot Camp for themselves and staff, social media subcontractor, or spouse.
  • Free $700 Links & Leads Networking Boot Camp (to learn sales, marketing, LinkedIn, and networking training) for themselves and staff, social media subcontractor, or spouse.
  • Free entrance to the thousands of dollars worth of training, brilliant strategies, and entrpreneurial ideas at
  • Free entrance to Discover Networking, Evening Mixers, and additional training events monthly valued at $1000 annually.
  • Significant financial rewards and incentives for bringing new members.
  • And now guaranteed Google ranking on page one is available for an additional $69 USD each month for our CIBN Members.

There is no:

  • Militancy
  • Volunteerism
  • Embarrassment for non performance

Yet we maintain accountability, profitability for each individual Member, and a family, friendly, and fun atmosphere!

All of our clubs are not listed below. These are private members clubs and one needs to have an invitation to attend, and to join. We will not exclude you for being new in business, however we will exclude you for not being a giver, or a happy character. Our clubs are designed to be a pleasurable and a profitable experience.

We are featuring a few of our clubs below that have open categories for a few industries. Please call the number that is listed with the club before randomly showing up, in case the spot is already full. They often fill up within days of posting.

Monday Lunch Club at Brewsters

Meets from 11:45-1:00

Contact is Rick McCulloch 403-710-4778

This group of professional business owners is regularly attended by many members and has only a few openings:

Property management

Home inspector

Marketing professional – this is a highly sought after spot, call quickly to see if it is still open!

Tuesday Morning Downtown Club

Meets at 7:15 am until 8:30 am

Come to the back door of the building and ring the buzzer #126 we are on the second floor

Contact Uli Anhorn 403-862-2020

This group of entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and business owners likes to have an early start to their day. It is a relatively new group so there are still a few openings. Some of our trades spots are full but there are a couple categories still open as well:

  • Painter
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Florist
  • Chiropractor
  • Event Planner
  • IT Specialist

IROL Business Club

Meets Tuesday 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

Contact Rick McCulloch 403-710-4778

This northern group has all of the main categories full but could use:

  • A business coach (this is a highly sought after spot, call immediately if you want it.)
  • A basket making company
  • A health coach
  • A caterer or bakery
  • A cell phone provider
  • Essential Services provider
  • A cleaning company

The Samech Group

Meets Wednesday for lunch at The China Rose from 11:45 – 1:00 pm

This group of business owners includes a cleaning company, a mechanic, a plumber, and event planner, a printer, and all of the other usual categories. They have only a few openings for the following:

  • Florist
  • Business Coach
  • Jewelry sales
  • Personal trainer
  • Electrician
  • Chiropractor
  • Clothing sales

Pet supplies

Big Country Liquor Club

Meets Fridays at Cast Iron Cookhouse by the Canyon Meadows Theatre from 11:45 to 1:00 upstairs in the private room.

Contact Kerry George 403-397-1909

This group sees a lot of new visitors each month because the CEO of our network is a huge bringer and she attends this group most Fridays. The group has all of the usual spots filled with limited openings in the following categories:

  • Marketing specialist is open (Highly sought after, call right away if you want it.)
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage therapist
  • Optometrist
  • Dentist
  • Home builder
  • Body shop owner
  • Cleaning company

Waiting List

Some categories have difficulty being placed in a referral club. The word has gotten out about how awesome networking referral clubs are therefore industries that work inside of brokerages often will discuss with their team members about the importance of networking and what groups they are attending. For this reason the following categories are generally full with a waiting list at The CIBN.

  • Real estate agents
  • Life insurance, financial planning, and investment services (all one industry at The CIBN)
  • Accountants/bookkeepers
  • Website designers
  • Mortgage brokers
  • Business Coaches
  • IT specialists

If you see one of these listed as an open category it is wise to call immediately. They often fill from a call from the internet once the spot is posted online. The only other way to get into a club is to either go onto the waiting list, or start a new CIBN chapter.

To go on the waiting list you will need to fill out a Membership form and email it to You will be charged $697.20 up front. You will not pay room fees until you are placed in a club and attending weekly. You will be able to attend boot camps, special events, mixers, and have access to the business library at immediately. Call Janis at Head Office with questions 403-478-1716

To start a club of your own you must first join the network at some level. Only a Member can start a CIBN club. You can fill out a Membership Form or you can go to and subscribe as an Online Member. Then contact Kerry George 403-397-1909 for a Club Starter Package and further instructions. You need to have 15 people before you launch. We have found that Members make significant profit from clubs starting at this size. Clubs that brag that they are doing $1 Million in revenue each year use methods that are detrimental to the profit of small businesses. We can make you profitable as an individual using friendlier and more productive methods.