What Is a Real Networker?

Some business owners add tens of thousands of dollars a year to their bottom line by networking. Others in the same industries come out to one or two meetings and declare that networking is not for them. What are they missing?

Networking is working for someone in your industry. It is working for people who have little or no connection to the people they are networking with. It is working when there is nobody in the room who is a buyer.


Real networkers know that people do business with those that they know, like and trust and those people will also open doors for them. A real networker sees the people in the room as their marketing arm that will reach out to the people who never come into the networking room. A real networker knows how to motivate them to do so, and they have spent time training them on what a valuable lead looks like for them.

A real networker works the nets. They view networking in a different way. They are not playing at it, or trying it. They are doing it.

10 Things A Real Networker Does Differently

1. Attitude seems to be one of the big differences. The true network has a different attitude than the person who is just trying it out. They are positive no matter what the immediate results are because they understand the law of numbers. They know by sharing their offering in real networking groups over and over, they will get results. The successful networking entrepreneur realizes this is going to take an investment of time, commitment and money. They understand the need to add value as they network and they work their nets with regularity going over each of the following 10 steps with great care.

2. Build relationships not just business deals. The true networker does not see each new person as a client, or as a sale made. They see people as people. They are not worried that the “right” person is in the room, and they don’t treat others like they are the “wrong” person who is wasting their time. They look at business owners as potential friends whom they would like to make long lasting relationships with. They see associates as strategic business partners and they are not threatened even by competitors but view them as people they may need to get to know for joint venture possibilities and collaboration. These are not just business deals, they are people that you can work with to create a lucrative and rewarding future with.

3. Ask for referrals specifically. A real networker takes time to ask for the sale, and they ask for a referral whether the prospect is buying or not. They track their referrals as well and know the source that each one of these referrals came from. In their network groups they ask specifically. Do you know who is your exact target market? What age? What gender? What occupation? What can you tell us about them that makes us think of someone we know?

4. Follow Up On Referrals. A real networker uses both automation to touch them over and over again as well as real phone calls. The sale comes in the follow up, not at the networking meeting, so the follow up is critical.

5. Perfect Your One Minute Infomercial. The real networker can say it well in one minute or less. In one minute you need to be able to say, who you are, what you do and what is your perfect client. Time yourself. Practice. When you get it into one minute and you are comfortable in saying it, then also create a 30 second elevator pitch and a two minute one. This gives you diversity in a variety of different situations and you will become very clear in asking for exactly what you want. Your number of referrals will go up and the quality of the leads will improve as well. Keep it simple enough that a 5 year old can understand it. Then your marketing team in your networking group can repeat it too!

6. Create A Three Minute Story. A real networker has an arsenal to pull from. They are not a one trick pony. They understand that occasionally they may have time for a 3 minute story and they are ready for the opportunity when it comes. This is not an infomercial. Create a 3 minute story about a client that you helped. What was their need? How did you meet the need? What happened as a result? You do not want to monopolize twenty minutes or be the only one talking so make it 3 minutes maximum.

7. Attend A Weekly Referral Group. A real networker is not afraid of a weekly commitment. They understand that a large meeting with 200 people is more like a one night stand than a long term relationship. There are many kinds of groups that you can attend and it is always good to diversify but if you do not have a weekly core group of dedicated people who are willing to watch out for your next great lead you are doing yourself a great disservice. A weekly group becomes the source of loyal and supportive friends who will market you to whole people groups where you may never tread. This is the ideal marketing group who is out there sifting through prospects for you and taking your message beyond your time and location capabilities. This one activity each week will grow your business more than all of your other networking activities combined. It is the core event that all of your other events bounce off of. You want to belong to a committed club where members help each other and invest time in each other.

8. Be A Learner. Go to additional events where you learn how to be a better business person. Invest in yourself. Spend some money on yourself. You will get back a multiplication of what you put out there. That is the problem with a free event. Zero being multiplied is still zero. You are worth more than that.

9. Book A Meeting From The Meeting. It is surprising the folks who don’t take advantage of this. Every new person who comes to your group whether they are a member or a guest is a potential friend, a possible client, and a future collaborator. Why wouldn’t you book a coffee with them? If they join your group, then great, you already have initiated the business process, but if they do not join they may still need your service. They may still need the relationship with you. Book a meeting from the meeting. One of our CIBN members created a $16,000 commission for himself in one meeting doing just this one thing.

10. Be A Giver. If you are a giver, you will naturally get more. However, don’t give just to get. If your motivation is all about getting, you will be found out. Givers are easy to see and those who have a sense of entitlement with a long list of expectations also stand out. Givers are people who add value to others. They look for ways to help out. They volunteer. They visit other members of their referral club and ask a lot of questions. They look for leads for their fellow networkers and they become connectors. Givers get, but not because they ‘deserve’ it. They get because that is the natural order of giving. What comes around goes around, but it is not always in the immediate timing that we want.


And here is one more NETWORKING tip for FREE!

11. Have Patience. If you don’t like things that require delayed gratification, you probably won’t like networking either. It takes time to get the results that you want. People need to get to know, like and trust you. They need to see your heart. They look to see if you are a giver. Don’t give up digging only 3 feet away from the gold. Assess your networking at the end of the third, the sixth, the twelfth and the twenty fourth month. Have the right expectations for the best results.


If you are waiting for the perfect group of networkers to be in a room before you get started, you are similar to the man who wants a perfect woman before he becomes interested in women. Perfection does not exist. Networking works anyway, if you work your nets.