CIBN Weekly Referral Clubs

Weekly Networking

If you have the ability to attend a lunch or an evening group every week, this is a profitable method of marketing that pays out year after year. On a limited budget this is the ideal choice and it is very worthwhile to clear your calendar to attend regularly.

A CIBN Referral Club meets once a week in the same location. The people in the group act as a marketing arm of your company. Although some of the participants may buy from you that is not the main idea. The club is very effective if there is not a single person in your target market because they are intended to introduce you to the people who are not in the room. You will over a matter of months educate them on your offering and they will become more and more effective at sharing your message and making introductions for you. This is an amazing and powerful concept because the likelihood of getting actual buyers in any room of people networking is remote in any situation, however as these trained networking professionals get to know, like, and trust you they bring you their connections. Every Member has clients that are not in the room or they would be out of business. Every Member is related to someone impressive. Each of our Members has friends and numerous social media connections that we have equipped them to utilize. You never know who they are connected to and you can’t tell anything from meeting them once. By training our members to network properly referrals at these weekly clubs can be extremely beneficial to your bottom line.

Only One Person Per Industry

In each of our weekly referral clubs there is only one person per industry, and at the CIBN we really mean that. It is very important that our Members do not have competition right in their referral clubs taking valuable business away from them. We do not divide up the Financial Advisor category into life insurance, investments, group benefits provider, and three other things. If you are a Financial Advisor who joins on of our weekly referral clubs you get to determine if there are any other openings associated with that category and you get to vet the new potential Member. Similarly we carefully determine if a website designer offers social media, SEO services, IT support or content writing before offering those spots to other potential candidates in the same group.

We want to be sure that our Members are getting the best value for their Membership so one person per industry is a key concept behind the success of our weekly referral clubs.

If you would like to know if The CIBN has a spot for you somewhere in your city fill out the following form and we will contact you with our available positions.

Placement In A CIBN Referral Club

The CIBN has many locations around your city. There are many clubs meeting at lunch time as well as in the evenings. With each applying candidate we ask questions about their location and time availability. The weekly referral club should be easy to get to so our Members can be regular in their attendance. This type of networking is most profitable when the Member is there every week. While everyone sometimes has something that comes up, one should be planning their week around attending, and they should send someone in their place to ask for their referrals should they not be able to make it.

At the CIBN Membership is a paid privilege with many benefits so we do not recommend visitors attend at the referral clubs until they have either purchased a Membership or at least attended a Discover Networking Meeting to find out more about how to network and how to use the CIBN professional organization for their maximum benefit.

Many times people call and ask about visiting a club before they purchase a Membership. They are concerned that they may not gel with the existing Members. We have found that a one or even two time visit is ineffective as a measuring stick. There are so many factors that could be missed in a quick in and out experience. There is no time at all to get to know the Members to find out who they know who is not sitting in the room. The Member that may be their best lead bearer may miss that one meeting that they attend, and most importantly there is no time to get to know, like, and trust you, so there is little chance that one meeting will tell you anything.

Networking is done most profitably when one does not dip their toe in the water, but when they dive into the deep and really swim the lake. It is not something that you “try.” It is something that you “do.”

At the CIBN we recommend that you purchase your Membership. Become committed to a weekly group. We do have a policy that if you do not like your group after 3 months we will move you to another group. Because we have several groups around the city there are options for you if you move across town, or even if you change professions. With Membership you receive the $700 Networking Boot Camp course and the $700 Social Media Boot Camp course so you immediately benefit from $1400 worth of training that you can even bring a business partner along to. Also all of your Membership fees are 100% tax deductible, so you never lose by just taking the plunge and joining the CIBN.

If you purchase a Membership you will be called about immediate placement in a weekly referral club. Most industries can be placed within a week of receiving your application. However there is sometimes a waiting list for Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Financial Advisors, and Website Designers. Even if you are going to be on a waiting list it is beneficial to fill out the Membership form and pay for it immediately. As a Member you can attend the Networking Boot Camp and the Social Media Boot Camp for free while you wait. There are often clients in those groups for you. You may also attend other events like the Discover Networking meeting as well as evening Mixers for free while you are waiting. Membership has immediate benefits for all.

Volunteerism At The CIBN

Unlike many groups that are out there the CIBN does not require hours and hours of volunteerism from our Members. It is one of the things that make this professional Canadian company truly unique. We do not require volunteers because Sponsors of our network contribute financially to support our central hub and we have paid experts who do our marketing, set up our meetings, clean up our events, negotiate with the restaurants, and all of the other things that are required to run over 400 meetings every year in our city.

Our Members are only required to show up to the meeting 15 minutes early so they are available for networking with the other Members. The weekly referral club meetings are over in 1 hour from the time that they start and even the President or the Social Media Coordinator in the group does not do more than 15 minutes a week outside of their actual attendance.

We do have additional programs like the Online Club and the Women’s Group where Members occasionally volunteer for short term or long term projects. That is only by their own initiative and it is not required for them to maintain their Membership with us.

Obligations And Rules

On the back of our sign up form there is a list of the “Duties Of Every Member.” Most of these things are to promote an atmosphere of giving. We encourage our Members to sign off on this list as a method of accountability to the process. One can expect better results if they understand that we all prosper as we all work together. Our most important obligation is the one about being a Happy Capitalist. We recommend that you join our family type of atmosphere if you enjoy working with and contributing to the success of others. If you are a grouchy person please allow us to refer you to our competitors.

Fees And Rewards

All fees are 100% tax deductible. A one time membership fee of $697.20 is required for each Member as they join the CIBN. There are no annual renewal fees.

Those attending weekly referral clubs must also pay monthly networking fees. These fees cover your industry chair so nobody else can join your group in an industry that is competitive to you. If the group is meeting in a restaurant you will receive the free benefit of having a meal provided for you. You must pay the monthly networking fee whether you eat a meal or not. The monthly networking fees are $150/month and they can be reduced by your willingness to bring in new members to the CIBN.

We have a reward based model instead of a discipline based model. Some networking organizations require you to bring them a minimum of two new members each year or they may review your membership and ask you to leave. At the CIBN we acknowledge that our Members are busy business people who may want to bring new Members or they may want to pay someone else to do it for them. The $150 per month allows enough profit for us to continually host recruitment meetings and do the job for those who are too busy to get it done for themselves. However, if you want to participate in the process of bringing new members we have a fabulous reward program for you to enjoy.

Each time you bring us a new Member you receive a $100 referral reward!

When you bring us 3 new Members who participate at the weekly referral clubs we lower your monthly fees to only $50/month!

Isn’t that amazing?

That means that if it cost you $700 plus $150 x 12 that equals in a year $2,500 in tax deductible dollars. However if you bring in 3 new Members to the CIBN you receive $300 in referral rewards and $1200 in fee reductions making your annual costs only $1000!

Where can you network every week for $1000?

It truly pays to be a part of the CIBN!

How To Get More Information

It is very simple.  Just click the button below and fill out the form and we will email you more information. A CIBN representative will give you a call for you to find out where there may be a spot for your industry.

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