The MasterMind Program


Doesn’t the word invoke visions of a group of people sitting in a dark, secret room, collaborating on a world take over project? It should. It should mean something special, profound, and deeply special. There should be people wildly taking notes, and some superior mind giving sage advise. Minds should be coming together with a common purpose and a will to battle all obstacles putting into place a revolutionary plan for the ultimate success! A MasterMind should be a powerful experience where breakthroughs happen and mindsets change. It should be the place where haggling challenges are annihilated and new and exciting strategies burst forth. Knowledge should abound. Intense mentoring encounters should be had. Lives should be changed. Profits should go up.

MasterMind Methods

There are all kinds of masterminds out there. Some would argue that not all of them are masterminds. We would argue that different kinds of mastermind meetings are necessary when building a business, so we offer them all. We no longer need to debate if a group counselling session, or a hot seat session is a a real MasterMind meeting, or if only the MasterMind Alliance described by Napoleon Hill is the only real mastermind. As a member of the CIBN MasterMind Program you get to engage in all of these different forms of MasterMind Sessions for one price and you get a variety of other perks and advantages as well.

There is nothing like the CIBN MasterMind Program anywhere. Our diversity in Membership allows us many successful keen minds to choose our programs from. Our panel of business experts create a multitude of dynamic changing programs each year based on what you, our MasterMind Members tell us that you need in your businesses.

Most MasterMind meetings are hosted by MasterMind Members at their place of business. It is another way that we serve them. For many of our MasterMind Members it is advantageous to have a group of successful business owners to come once or twice to their location where they can physically see what they do, and it creates real purchases that occur from among our membership base over the long term.

Many of the Sponsors of the CIBN who join us to advertise to the business community do not participate in weekly referral clubs, however they often do attend the MasterMind Group. This is where you will meet the franchise owners, the serial entrepreneurs, the investors, and the movers and shakers of our community.

MasterMind Strategy Sessions

Each month we host 2 evening MasterMind Strategy sessions. These sessions begin with a time of training on a subject of interest to business owners, and the subject matter is selected quarterly based on what our MasterMind Members have asked for. Subjects have included marketing, sales, increasing cash flow, creating a business plan, goal setting, preparing for the changing legislation of the Canadian Anti Spam Legistlation and a lot more. After a 40 minute training a strategy session begins. It may take the form of breakout groups, or it may take the form of a hot seat, depending on the size of the group. There are currently over 50 MasterMind Members at the CIBN and sometimes there are over 25 people present at these meetings, so how we facilitate it is based on the number of people participating.

MasterMind Accountability Groups

These accountability groups operate periodically throughout the year and are formed on a needs basis. For instance we currently have a Sales Accountability Group forming from within our MasterMind Members. Sales professionals and those wanting to raise their sales numbers join this group who meet weekly Thursday afternoons at 4:00. They discuss sales methods, follow-ups, and go over their goals. They review their successes and challenges working on increasing their productivity focused mainly on this one area of sales.

Accountability groups work well with business owners trying to accomplish a specific target, such as creating a business plan, going after funding for their business, developing and implementing marketing strategies and succession planning for selling or passing one’s business to another individual.

The group is generally built from within. A CIBN leader is established and the MasterMind Members determine if they will meet physically or online, or if they will do some of both. They decide if they meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and if this is for the duration of a project for 6 weeks, or if it will regularly over 3 months or even a year. The group will have a set of goals and measurable outcomes that they establish themselves.

The MasterMind Alliance

The MasterMind Alliance is reminiscent of the knights of the round table gathering to go over the challenges within their kingdom, and to brainstorm on their specific business with a group of worthy and loyal crusaders who are also in the conquest of daily battle. This is a group that is not in competition to one another but in businesses that would complement one another. It is where great minds meet to think bigger and grow in a radical way.

This type of MasterMind is referred to in The Law Of Success and later again in Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Benjamin Franklin belonged to such a group which he called Junto.

Napoleon Hill describes this kind of a group as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” He also talks about a larger driviing force propelling the members forward as “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].”

These groups are generally 4 to 12 people maximum and they need to have an ongoing level of commitment for the best results. Members determine the frequency of the meetings and the length of time that the group will meet. Ideal collaborators also need to have some common ground, for example:

  • 6 store front owners
  • A mortgage broker, a realtor, a life insurance agent, a general insurance agent, a life coach, a transitions coach, and a home inspector. All of these are focused around the life changes that their clients would be going through.
  • A trades group. A  builder, a plumber, an electrician, a siding company owner, a brick layer, a painter, and a concrete company owner.
  • An large screen advertiser, a promotional items rep, a social media expert, a website designer, a writer, an artist, a radio sales person, a newspaper producer.
  • 6 different direct sales representatives

MasterMind Courses

The CIBN puts on a variety of courses that are free for MasterMind Members, their staff, and their partners such as our Networking Boot Camp and our Social Media Boot Camp. Each of these courses is $700 but a free value add to the MasterMind program. We also periodically run lunch and learns and offer online courses which are also free to the MasterMind Members.

In addition to this we offer other courses from our MasterMind Leaders which may have a cost to the public and a reduced rate to our CIBN Members with MasterMind enjoying free entry. Currently we are preparing one on your unique selling proposition offered by Rick McCulloch. These courses are featured on our event page as they come up and the specials for MasterMinds come out in our ongoing email updates for this group and on our private Facebook page that one gains access to after payment has been made.

MasterMind Fees

It is common for mastermind groups with only one method to have fees ranging from zero to $25,000 annually. At the CIBN you gain access to all of these MasterMind options under one MasterMind Program that can be had for a mere $400/month or a one time $4,000 for the year. Our MasterMind Members also get to attend a weekly referral club if they wish for no additional cost.

It is the best MasterMind program, with the most comprehensive coverage of services that is available anywhere in Canada.

If you can dream it, together we can achieve it!

If you would like to apply, fill out the form and you will be contacted to see if you qualify for the MasterMind Program.

MasterMind Application

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Contact us THROUGH THIS FORM to let us know that you want more information. Each applicant is contacted by telephone and then if they qualify an application form is filled out before a personal interview is conducted. Times and dates of meetings, as well as information about specialized MasterMind Courses are released to paid MasterMind Members only.
If you need more information or something to share with your business partner, this MasterMind Brochure will give you some printable details. Please be advised however that there are continually new additions to the MasterMind Program that may not yet be in the brochure.
Marketing Assessment

Have you ever spent money on a marketing program that did not seem to yield tangible results? Are you looking for measurable outcomes? Have you ever wondered what else you could be doing to bring in more business, but you were not sure where to start? The CIBN MasterMind Program offers a free Marketing Assessment done by seasoned experts with real results in your target market. This is a $350 value add to assist you in reaching your goals!

Business Consultation

Whether you are a sole proprietor with one location or an entrepreneur with multiple outlets it really helps to have a set of expert eyes go over your business structure, your plans for growth, and your systems. The CIBN MasterMind Program offers a Business Consultation ($250 value) for MasterMind Members to assist you in managing your successes.

Executive Coaching

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut? Have you reached some sort of glass ceiling that you have not yet been able to break through? Clear out the mindsets and paradigms that have been holding you back. With the CIBN MasterMind Program you will receive a one time session to Master your Mind and get things on track for healthy, positive, business growth. This is a $200 additional value.


If you can dream it, together we can achieve it!

MasterMind Strategies, MasterMind Accountability Groups, MasterMind Alliances, MasterMind the possibilities!