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CIBN Membership

Membership – Has Advantages!

Networking is about you building real and lasting relationships that cause growth in your business. Real networking is very profitable when you learn to do it well. At The CIBN we help you be successful in your networking so you can make more money for you and your family.

Whether the “right” people are in the room or not does not matter at The CIBN because our people know how to bring you the ONE you are looking for from their connections. Instead of using marketing methods where you sift and sift to find one qualified potential client, our Members do the sifting for you and bring you the needle in the haystack that you are looking for. They warm them up for you to increase your closing ratio and then they make powerful introductions for you!

Weekly referral clubs are where our Members get to know, like, and trust you. They are incredibly profitable for you to participate in! If you are looking for a place to get excellent bang for your marketing dollars networking is the most powerful tool in your toolbox!

Weekly referral networking in a club is the best way to network with the highest rate of return. There is only one person per industry so you never have any competition for your business. If you would like to find out if there is a weekly referral club available for your industry where you live and work, fill out the following form and we will get back to you with the possibilities.

If you are able to participate in a weekly referral club, it is the most recommended however if you cannot make a weekly commitment check out our Mixers Plus Club where prices are lower than most coffee drinking habits, or if strategy is more what you are looking for try our MasterMind Group.

CIBN Networking Boot Camp

Networking Boot Camp – $700 Value

At the CIBN our Boot Camps are part of your Membership fees. You can come, your partner can come, or your staff, as many times as you like! It is an awesome way to get an immediate return on your investment. Every minute of these Boot Camps are are filled with powerful information designed with only one purpose in mind – to make more money for YOU!

Did you know that some CIBN members are adding $30,000 a year to their bottom line from attending a networking club? Some of our MasterMinds and Sponsors have landed $100,000 annual contracts at our meetings? How does that happen? Learn why some people make a lot of money from networking. You can do this too! Boot Camp is for beginners & pros to develop their skills!

You will learn:

  • How to protect your business from economic downturns.
  • How to be the most exciting person at the networking event and get the most ongoing business.
  • How to do a powerful elevator speech that will get you the referrals that you need.
  • What networkers want from you in order to trust you with their book of business.
  • Sales skills that will help you follow through and get the deals done.
  • How to incorporate your online social networking skills with your face to face networking for greater results.
  • How to create a slow drip effect on those that you don’t have time to meet with this week.
  • How to multiply your effectiveness, get more sales, and initiate the efforts of a larger team with your purpose in their mind.
  • How to give a powerful 20 minute presentation that will get people asking about your offering and buying from you on the spot.
CIBN Social Media Net

Social Media Boot Camp $700 Value

Everyone is concerned about social media for their business and they should be, because this is something that is not going away. With every passing year social media marketing is becoming more and more important to businesses from all industries. Whether you want to do it or not, social media is where people are, and that is where you need your products and services to be found as well.

Entrepreneurs struggle with social media. Many of them find it an impossible task that takes up too much time and they are uncertain about how to measure their outcomes. They may begin to develop good content only to find that they do not have the audience through a significant number of real and local connections for it to be profitable.

The CIBN is in a unique position to educate business owners about social media, and how to navigate the waters of profitability. Why? It has been our main source of marketing since our inception. For many years we have done nothing but social media. We have created, measured and refined entire social media strategies that have worked very well for us, and we have now put them into a Social Media Boot Camp to share them with our Members. These are simple, systematic methods that can be just as effective for you as they have been for us. Many of our Members have been reporting amazing results, even up to 7000 times the traffic to their website after only a few weeks of implementing one of these tips.

Social Media Boot Camp is not meant to provide you with an entire marketing program, or to replace what a professional can do for you. We highly recommend using many of the professionals in our network. However, most business owners do not even know what an expert could or should be doing for them. They don’t know how to measure results or what the basics are to even monitor. Social Media Boot Camp gives you enough education to make more qualified decisions about ads that you are purchasing, people that you are hiring and where to spend the little bit of time that you have more effectively.

At Social Media Boot Camp you get a full day of training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Google review system. We teach you easy ways to create content and then automate it through these channels as well as how to build an autoresponder email systems that prospects and clients will opt in for so they will willingly be touched by your offers 7 – 14 times increasing your sales numbers.

At Social Media Boot Camp we also learn about blogging. Think about how short and simple blogs, or quick video blogs, on your website, or even articles attached to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile could bring more recognition to your work. At the Social Media Boot Camp we give you some direct training on this subject and we show you how to set it up so it leads back to you in the form of sales. We show you how to get your articles featured in other arenas so you can be listed as an expert in your industry. Within the network we also help you capitalize on collaborative relationships where you can write on other’s sites and they can write for you. Do you think this might be valuable to you?

We show you how to harness the power of social media whether you are a big business with many pages to your website, or a solopreneur operating only off Facebook. You will be amazed!