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The CIBN is a Canadian organization dedicated to assisting Canadian business owners with their own unique offerings in their own unique markets. We were founded in Calgary, AB and as Calgarians we quickly realized that our market is unlike any other market in Canada or the world. Here small business is deeply dependent on the larger businesses, therefore whatever affects them affects us as well. The oil and gas industry is a strong component to our economy so the price of oil can have a direct impact on the market, but IT industry, and the cattle industry are also important components to the financial structure of the area. Anyone who lives in Calgary knows that there is a summer event here larger than Christmas. If you have ever tried to conduct business as usual during the Calgary Stampede you will find that doing business during the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is different than the rest of the year. It is through networking and building relationships that we learn to make the most of our environment and succeed in business consistently no matter what the event or the season.

Each city that we expand in across Canada has it’s own unique culture and that culture needs to be part of the growth plan for the networking activities of the CIBN. It is only natural to adopt the culture of the community and to thrive in it as business owners. The bottom line is the bottom line for small business. Successful networking means more prosperity for our members.

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Our Team

Kerry George
Kerry GeorgeCEO
Kerry George started her first business Loyal2U.ca and needed referrals just like any other business owner. Her first work with the Calgary Business Network showed her just how valuable referral networking could be for her own business so when the CBN purchased the lunch clubs in 2013 she had a natural heart for helping the network members become successful. Today the CIBN has successfully rebranded under her leadership and now enjoys hundreds of thousands of online interactions per month. Long term strategies are now in place to expand the network locally and around the nation.
Zechariah James
Zechariah JamesCorporate Partner
Zechariah James is involved daily with interactions on a local level. He is in the trenches networking at our own CIBN clubs as well as attending other networking events throughout the city regularly. Zechariah is a networking phenomena with thousands of face-to-face contacts who know him by name and thousands more who have connected with him online. Zechariah focuses on learning each business within the network and is the biggest referral giver in the city. Our Sponsors love his ability to share about them and take their informercials to places that they have never been!
Janis Moffat
Janis MoffatAdministrator
Janis Moffat is our Head Office Administrator. She gets the work done at the CIBN. Unlike other networking organisations the CIBN does not require large amounts of volunteer labour from our Members. We have Sponsors in our network who fund our Head Office and Janis is the admin that makes the central hub of our network effective.

If Members want to post their events on our event page Janis is who to call. If you need a phone number to contact one of our Sponsors, Janis has the answer. You will get your “Welcome To The Network” phone call and invitation to Boot Camp from Janis once you join the CIBN team!

Sid Helischauer
Sid HelischauerAdvisor
The CIBN has the advantage of long time members who have been experienced in networking for over 30 years. We value our Members input and have put together a Board Of Advisors which is chaired by Sid Helischauer. Sid has been a local photographer for over 25 years and an avid networker. ‘Currently he also operates a group insurance brokerage as well and he has been the long time President of our longest running chapter “The Commerce Club” in NE Calgary.

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